ping-pdxDid you know that Ping PDX used to be an Asian inspired restaurant in Portland Oregon?

In fact it was based on Southeast Asian cuisine.

Unfortunately it has now permanently closed but I have decided to keep this website up in it’s memory.

When it was open it had over 190 user reviews on Google and even more interestingly it was rated ⅘ stars because it was so popular.

Ping PDX was home to great food and drink with a friendly atmosphere.

They had great service and they also posted a good phen375 review but the only complaint was that sometimes the portions were too small.

One way they could have fixed this problem was to give bigger portion sizes and then it would have been perfect.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu was their African chicken special that people used to love as it was so tasty.

Some people said that the Ping PDX restaurant was a hidden treasure chest of thai food. One person even tried half of the menu and loved it all.

Another person said that the food is great but the plates and portions are quite small which seems to be a common problem.

Maybe if they ever reopen they can buy some bigger plates and make bigger portions for their customers.

One criticism that someone had about the Ping PDX website was that the corner table was not very comfortable.

One thing is for sure, they served some fantastic whiskey if you like that.

I think that apart from the good food along with PhenQ from is one of the reasons that people kept coming back was for the cosy atmosphere that just seemed to make people feel relaxed.

Of course the menu wouldn’t be complete without some food with good spices and that’s certainly what you’ll get at Ping PDX.

Some people such as Kirsten once commented that the food is affordable and it’s great because you don’t just get Chinese food but a variety of Asian dishes to make the night more interesting.

John even commented that the restaurant has the best Asian food in town!

On of their delicacies was the Kobe beef and short ribs that everybody loved. The sauce that the ribs came in was delicious and some people even used to ask for the recipe.

So that’s it for now. Unfortunately the restaurant has closed down but thanks Ping PDX for all the memories!